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Bruce to Milton Transmission Line Construction


Ontario’s Hydro One awarded the largest expansion of its grid in 20 years to Valard Construction, requiring 180 km of new 500-kV double-circuit transmission line. Valard turned to Timberland for a full suite of tension stringing equipment including a 22 Te Puller, 15 Te 4-bundle Tensioner, 4 Te Pilot Line & OPGW System, Reel Winder, Fly Rope Reel Carriers for high speed payout of fly rope, Reel Winder with 9.1 km of swaged pulling rope, 24 lengths of high strength synthetic fly rope, line cars and 4 bundle helicopter stringing blocks.


Originally planned for completion in December 2012, the client requested Valard to bring in the project seven months ahead of schedule. To achieve this, Valard compressed an 11-month construction schedule into just four months, while still maintaining utmost safety and quality. The timeline required quick equipment delivery and zero machine downtime from Timberland.


Valard met its new timetable, stringing and tensioning 4,700 km of conductor over 720 steel lattice towers on time from the Bruce Power complex in Kincardine, Ontario to the Milton switching station near Toronto. The equipment from Timberland performed as required. The project was completed with no lost time safety incidents, which was a critical factor for Valard Construction.

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